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Replace your existing cord with a Wallflower SmartCord.

The sleek control module can be mounted to the wall or placed on the counter.

The Wallflower monitors your stove while you cook.

When you turn the stove on, the Wallflower senses the electric current and knows you are cooking

Get notified when you leave home or get distracted.

The Wallflower beeps and sends an alert to your phone if you go out of bluetooth range with your phone or if you cook longer than the time you specify.

Use the app to monitor and shut off your stove from anywhere.

Monitor whether the stove is on or off and remotely adjust the time or turn off your stove, even when you are not at home.

If you don't respond to a notification, the stove is automatically shut off.

The Wallflower switches off the power to the stove if you are unable to respond or miss a notification.

  • The stove is on and everything is ok.
  • The stove is on but nobody is home.
  • The stove has been on for longer than X minutes.
  • The Wallflower shut off the stove.
  • The Wallflower is disabled.

Always watchful.

Warns you if you forget the stove is on whether you are at home or away.

Turns off your stove if you forget.

Automatically shuts off the stove if you don't respond to the warning.

Reduces the risk of accidents.

Get notified when the stove is turned on or off.

The new dinner bell.

Touch the Wallflower to tell the whole family that dinner is ready.

Choose which alerts you want to receive.

Can alert you when the stove is turned on or off, if you forget you are cooking, or if the stove is on and nobody is nearby.

Monitor and turn off your stove from anywhere.

Safely monitor and shut off your stove anytime and anywhere using your phone, at home or away.

Supports multiple homes and users.

Connect multiple devices and monitor multiple homes using the same app.

Turn monitoring on or off at will.

Can be easily disabled whenever you want.

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