• Never wonder if you left the stove on again.

    “Wallflower is a practical loT product that surprised us by doing exactly what it said it would do. Setup is simple… delightfully easy compared with some devices we’ve reviewed in the recent past.”
    — Apple Insider

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    As seen in:
  • Your Stove, Smarter.
    Your Family, Safer.

    Wallflower’s Smart Monitor allows you to quickly and easily convert your existing stove into a smart appliance, helping you avoid the #1 cause of home fires.

  • The Smart Step in
    Preventing Kitchen Fires

    Wallflower’s Smart Monitor learns your cooking behavior and knows if your stove has been on for longer than you usually cook, helping you keep your family safe.

  • Peace of Mind: Protect
    Your Family and Home

    Wallflower’s Smart Monitor notifies you before a high-risk situation becomes an issue. Receive alerts on your smartphone when the stove is accidentally turned on or when you leave home and forget to turn the stove off.

  • Many Convenient
    Built-In Features

    Invite anyone in the family to help keep an eye on your stove, monitor multiple homes, review your cooking history at any time to keep an eye on stove usage, and set cooking timers to be alerted when dinner is ready.

The Wallflower Smart Monitor for electric stoves alerts you when your stove is on, helping you avoid common kitchen-based fires caused by forgetfulness, accidents and children.


Install Wallflower’s monitor using no tools and download the smartphone app all in 5 minutes or less.


From safeguarding your home and family to safeguarding your data and privacy, Wallflower has thought of it all.


Wallflower is hidden between your stove and the wall; it will not clash with your kitchen aesthetics.

2/3 of Homeowners Have Forgotten to Turn Off the Stove (At Least Once)

In the US alone, there are about 5,000,000 cooking-related fires each year. If you’re looking to protect your family and home with a smart monitor, you should consider three important facts:
  • Every 6 seconds someone experiences a cooking fire
  • 3 out of 5 home fires reported to the fire department involve cooking equipment
  • Unattended stoves were a factor in 1/3 of the home fires reported to the fire department


A Smart Monitor for Electric Stoves


and be up and running in 5 minutes

Built in Alerts

Remote Monitoring

Cooking Timer

Wireless Enabled

Away Monitoring


Are you ready to protect your home and family?

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