Your stove is on and nobody is home
Did you forget to turn off the stove?
The cooking timer expired
Someone turned on the stove

Did you forget to turn off the stove?

Wallflower gives you peace of mind and keeps your family safe from the #1 cause of home fires. From monitoring your stove to sending alerts, it knows when your stove is on and when someone forgets to turn it off.
Works with your stove
Easily connects to your stove in minutes without the need for tools.

Wallflower’s cloud and smartphone app is simple to setup and use and can support multiple users and homes.
Keeps your family safe
Whether you are home or on the road, Wallflower sounds an audible alarm and sends a notification to your smart phone when the stove is turned on, someone forgets to turn it off, a cooking timer expires, or your smoke alarm is activated.

Smart monitoring
In addition to knowing whether your stove is on or off, Wallflower learns your cooking behavior and knows if your stove has been on for too long or if you left home without turning it off. You can also use the smartphone app to monitor your stove from anywhere in the world 24/7.