About Us

At Wallflower Labs, our mission is to protect our customers from accidental home fires. We’re driven by our passion for technology, and how we can use it to create products that make a positive impact. We protect individuals and families by giving them the ability to monitor the most dangerous appliances in their home.

The Wallflower Story

A few years ago, we almost burned our house down because we forgot to turn off the stove. First I forgot, then my wife forgot just a few months later. That’s when my wife said something that propelled me on an exciting new journey, “Why can’t I just check on the stove from my phone?” That’s the question that launched this technology company.

Since then, I learned that incidents like these happen with alarming frequency. Many people aren’t so lucky — stoves are the number one cause of house fires in America. So I assembled a team of talented engineers to tackle the problem head-on. We’ve developed a product that makes any stove smart, and helps prevent home fires by alerting you if you forget to turn it off.

We hope it gives you peace of mind, like it’s done for my family and me.

Victor Jablokov, Founder

Previous Founder of Yap, speech recognition company acquired by Amazon in 2011 to build Alexa.

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