Press Coverage

“Wallflower is a practical IoT product that surprised us by doing exactly what it said it could do. Setup is simple… delightfully easy compared to some devices we’ve reviewed in the recent past.”

— Apple Insider

“And while there are plenty of smart smoke detectors, most notably the Nest Protect, the Wallflower focuses on prevention by hooking into one of the most common sources of fire and letting you know to take action before disaster ensues.”

— Techcrunch

“It takes about 2 minutes to make your dumb stove smart… Have an aging relative or a young chef? You’ll want this.”

— Modern Dad via Androidcentral

“The biggest draw is that the Wallflower uses geofencing: Enter your home address in the app, and you’ll receive an alert if you leave your home while the stove’s on.”

— CNet

“To me [Wallflower] is analogous to a smoke alarm or a DIY home security system, where alerts are intended to get the homeowner to take action.”

— The Spoon

“Why it matters to you… Always worried that you forgot to turn off the stove? Worry no more with Wallflower.”

— Digital Trends

“All of [the Wallflower features] interest to me, but the real “icing on the cake” is that the system uses GPS geo-fencing to send app notifications to warn you if you leave your home having forgotten to turn your stove off. Oooh — this is my sort of app!”

— EE Web

“It’s a device that probably gets more useful the larger your family is — especially if you’ve got elders or forgetful teens using the stove.”

Chip Chick

“Have you ever left the house and forgotten to turn a burner off on your stove? That’s not a trivial problem as every year many house fires originate with the stove.”

the Gadgeteer

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